Falling in Love with Trail Running

by belinda

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I’ve lived in Cape Town for five years now but I only started trail running about a month ago. What was I thinking?! In fact, it’s taken a worldwide pandemic to get me out of my head and into the forests and mountains on my doorstep, which is probably one of the few blessings I’ll take from 2020. It’s not like we’re not an outdoorsy family, it’s just that because I’m married to a water man, we spend a significant time on the beach, leaving little spare time for much else.

But since the beaches were banned up until recently, I joined a small trail running group one morning in July as we met in Cecilia Forest at sunrise. There was fynbos shouting out in purples and pinks, sunlight shining onto dew-covered foliage, forests all magical with mist, and views across valleys of trees that took my breath away. It’s no surprise that I quickly proceeded to fall in love with the sport.

We take our big dogs (and our pepper spray) and I run with a group of guys, which makes me feel safe. I like not having to chat too much to anyone, so I just hang at the back and focus on my feet hitting the ground, plus trying to skip over obstacles that are aiming to trip me.

You must know that I’m an extremely clumsy person, with large feet and weak ankles. This would probably not make for an ideal trail runner, but the fact that I was running in road shoes up until a week ago also didn’t help things. I kept slipping and my ankle was *this* close to twisting. I quickly realised that I needed some trail shoes but where to start?

The feedback I had from my (Instagram) friends is that no one brand or type of trail shoe suits everyone. You need to go and try them on, as our feet are all different, and comfort is vital. Another tip is that you need space at the front, so they often advise that you go up a full (or half) size than your normal tackies, as you need this space when you’re running down hills.


As I was weighing up my various options, Saucony approached me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their Peregrine trail shoes as a gift. Saucony Peregrine is one of the top selling trail running shoes in SA, with state-of-the-art cushioning, the best grip on the market, as well as a flexible rockplate to stop rocks and thorns from piercing through.

Also guys, AND THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: they are easy on the eye;). I’m kidding, I know it’s all about function with sport blah blah blah. But since I am a big fan of shoes in general, I did not want something fugly on my feet (no thanks). Luckily the Peregrines are so beautifully designed and I seriously love my khaki green and turquoise combo;).

I’ve tested them out twice now, and I’ve found them to be super comfortable each time, plus I didn’t trip once! I run around 9 or 10 km, which is much further than I’d ever choose to run on the road (because there’s so much beauty to look at around you!), but I know this is still quite a “short” trail run compared to others.

The point is that I get nice and sweaty, breathe in a whole lot of fresh air, exercise our dogs, and always return home feeling better about the world than when I started. In such crazy times, being out in nature like this has really helped me process my emotions, plus it’s become a type of mindfulness tool, as you focus solely (excuse the pun) on placing each foot in front of you, instead of your various worries.

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As mentioned, it’s really important that you find your shoes comfortable and that you have the right size, so it’s advisable to try some on in-store before buying.

If you’ve recently started getting into walking or running in the great outdoors, I highly recommend the Peregrine (it’s great for non-newbies too!). A huge thank you to Saucony for kitting out this trail running beginner…I can’t wait to see where my new shoes take me.


P.S. You can also sign up to Saucony’s newsletter to be notified of offers and events (head to the bottom of the page).

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